Grand Prix 24 pieces

SKU: #24GP

The new Grand Prix set by Waytoplay brings motor racing excitement into your home. Countdown starts, amazing pit stops, and daring takeovers. This new set contains 24 specially printed road segments offering maximum racing fun and fully compatible with existing Waytoplay sets.

Waytoplay Grand Prix encourages imaginative play. Let your children create their own circuits and racing stories. Using their favorite toys for endless highspeed fun.

Features: 24-segment, flexible and durable toy circuit, length 384 cm, 16 curves, and 8 straights, printed on both sides, Special ‘Grand Prix’ printing on the curves, including curb stones, Special ‘Grand Prix’ printing on the straights featuring start grid, finish line, and pit lane, Can be used on almost any surface, indoors or outside, Easy to connect parts.

Perfect to combine with other toys.

Age Group: preschool 3 to 6, toddler 1 to 3