Dickie Toys

Walkie Talkie Twin Pack Easy Call 18cm

SKU: DK05787

Dickie Toys Walkie Talkie Easy Call: Outdoor fun with a difference.

A walkie talkie is especially exciting for outdoor play because it inspires children to go on journeys of discovery together in the great outdoors. The Dickie Toys Walkie Talkie Easy Call is the easiest way to stay in touch. The radio twin pack has an impressive range of up to 80 metres.

The flexible aerial and compact ergonomic shape mean that the toys are always at hand and can be used for all kinds of games. The walkie talkies are exempt from registration and charges. Insert the batteries and let the adventure begin.

Give the gift of imaginative outdoor fun with the walkie talkies from Dickie Toys.

- Walkie talkie twin pack
- 2 models
- Range up to 80 m (in open terrain)
- Flexible aerial
- Exempt from registration and charges
- Batteries: included (2 x 9V 6R61)
- Length: 18 cm
- Recommended age: 4-7

-Available colour  - Yellow