Tin Toy Forklift

SKU: 0497
by Kovap

Not your average toy forklift! As with all of Kovap's toys, they are as realisitic as it gets when it comes to engineering and detail, and these awesome forklifts are no exception.

Just like a real forklift, you can use the levers to not only move the forks up and down but to also tilt them back and forth! Playtime just got a whole lot more fun!

The perfect gift idea for the little car and truck lover in your life.

Kovap Tin Toys have been designed and created in Czech Republic for almost 100 years and loved by children worldwide for just as long.

Dimensions: L: cm W: cm H: cm

Age Guide & Safety: 5 years+. These toys contain small moving parts and should be played with under supervision as some pieces could be a potential choking hazard for children who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth.