Tender Leaf Toys

Tap Tap Tool Box

SKU: TL8563
Type: Tool Sets

An adorable Tender Leaf Toys branded woodpecker themed toolbox filled with everything you need to build something on your own. With two removable lid pieces that turn into screwable plates and a cloth printed bag to pack away after play. A chalkboard is featured on the toolbox for you to record your inventions.

The set includes 22 pieces including;

a toolbox with 2 wooden removable lids,
printed cloth bag,
a woodpecker hammer,
a pair of pliers,
a screwdriver,
a spanner,
2 screws,
2 bolts,
2 planks,
4 nuts, and 4 pegs.

Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Package Dimensions
23.4cm L20.6cm H15.7cm W1.5kg

Product Dimensions
23cm L20cm H15cm W