Tender Leaf Toys

Merrywood Rosewood Cottage

SKU: TL8381
Type: Doll Houses

A magical wooden all-in-one doll's house that can be packed up and carried away on any adventure.

The adorable set features:

A woodland-themed and decorated doll's house
A back panel design that can be taken out and used as a garden floor
2 wooden flowers, a toadstool, and a wooden swing
A wood-burning stove, a table with stools, and a lovely bed for baby
A sweet family of four wooden characters that feature their names on the bottom -Mummy Flora, Daddy Joey, Bud & Corny.
A magical small animal family that is ready for an adventure.

See attached the pdf for a free basket printable activity.

Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Package Dimensions
42.2cm L27.5cm H8cm W

Product Dimensions
42cm L31cm H40cm W