StoryStacks - At Home


Reimagining the traditional playhouse, StoryStacks is a contemporary version with its modular tile mats. With a range of rooms to make up a house, complete with 8 emotional people tokens, kids can create their own stories and even design their own room with the blank room tile included.

An innovative take on the traditional doll house, this is one you can take with you anywhere you go.

Each silicone tile represents a room in the house, teaching children to visualize space in 3D and fostering a sense of creative design. Double-sided character tokens allow for deeper storylines as they write a narrative around these characters.

The best part, wipe clean with a damp cloth to start over.

Each set includes

8 Silicone Room Tiles
8 Emotional Character Tokens
12 HeyDoodle fine-tip Markers
1 Metal Tin Case

This silicone mat can be washed and reused over and over and is a great creative activity for hours of fun. 

Age: 1 Year+

Caution: One is never too young to doodle, however, the pen caps can become a choking hazard if toddlers are unsupervised.