Save the Planet - Coral Reefs 220 pcs Puzzle

by Sassi

Coral reefs are fascinating and stunning ecosystems found in clean, clear, and well-lit waters at temperatures between 20˚C and 30˚C. These reefs are actually living organisms that grow to enormous sizes over thousands of years, and they are home to a wide variety of animals. But these days, coral reefs are at risk.

These extremely delicate habitats are threatened by natural causes, but even more by the carelessness of man. We must act to save the coral reefs.

The box contains a 220-piece puzzle and a 32-page book that teaches all about coral reefs and helps young readers understand the danger posed to this special ecosystem and why it’s important to save not just coral reefs, but the many species of animals that live in and around them.

Age : 6+

Size : 23.5 x 27.5 x 9 cm