Knox And Floyd

Retro Wooden Pik-a-Stick Game

Type: Board Games

The age-old game of pick-up sticks  is in a sturdy cardboard tube with wooden sticks clearly marked with the ‘Mikado’ master stick patterned in a blue spiral pattern. Good fun for the whole family to play together at camping or family dinner party.

Remove all the sticks from the tube and drop them into a random pile.  The aim is to remove each stick taking care not to disturb any other stick.  The slightest movement leads to the next player taking a turn.  Each player can continue to remove sticks until all sticks are taken.  The blue twirled stick can be used as an aid by the player that retrieves this stick first.  Once all picked up, the sticks can then be counted with a value of 1 per stick or by using the following table:

3 points for red and blue.

5 points for blue, red ,blue.

10 points for red, yellow ,blue.

20 points for red ,blue ,red ,blue ,red.

The player with the highest score wins the game. A more difficult game can be played by using one hand only.

Age: 3+

Size: Box 21 x 5.5cm , Sticks 18cm x 3 mm

Material - Wood , Cardboard , Paper