Knox And Floyd

Retro Board Game Flipping Fishes

Type: Board Games

The Jolliest Game for young and old. A fantastic fun family race game - flip your fish along the race lane and onto the dinner plate using only the frying pan. No touching with your hands.

Flipping fishes is a fun family or group game. It can be played in a larger or small area and is a game of hilarity and competition. The winner is the first to flip his or her fish along the race line and on to the dinner plate.

Imagine you have prepared your fishes for dinner in the frying pan and suddenly they jump out and try to escape. You cannot touch the 'hot' fish with your fingers so you must flip your fishes with your pan onto your dinner plate.

The Retro Board game Flipping Fish includes 12 paper fishes (22.5cm long), 4 cardboard plates and 4 cardboard paddles.

This traditional fun game from the 1930s gave hours of family fun to hundreds of adults and children alike. Take a step back in time to those traditional fun values and have a hilarious hour of fun taking your turn ''flipping fishes''.

Age : 3 years+

Packaging Size : 24 x 19 x 2.5 cm