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The reindeer from schleich® WILDLIFE has a thick, long grey-brown coat, as it
does in nature.
Reindeer is a deer species that live in large herds in the colder regions of North America, northern Europe, and northern Asia. In nature, they have the same stick-like antlers as the one from schleich® WILDLIFE. They are the only deer species where the female also has antlers. Another special feature is their hooves. They are very wide and spread as they walk. This creates a characteristic creaking or cracking sound.
Age Recommendation 3-8 years

Dimensions 5 x 2.08 x 4.64 inch

Inspiring figurines to play imaginatively and Freely. So authentic, and so detailed, even mother nature approves. High-quality craftsmanship to withstand parent time.
Put a Schleich toy in the hands of a child, and watch as something magical happens. They are transported to a world of imaginative possibilities for endless storytelling and adventure.