Antonio Juan

Dolly Soft Body Doll 36 cm

SKU: AJ83205
Type: Dolls

Sweet and easy to handle, it has been designed with the smallest of the house playing in mind. With her soft body and her soft vinyl hands and head, they make her her first playmate, with all the guarantees and safety of toys for early childhood.

It is a doll in pink tones with a flower print. With its baby carrier, you can take it with you everywhere. With the entire body in fabric, the hands and the head in soft vinyl, prepared for the smallest of the house.

Her clothes are made with “Organic Cotton” fabrics, which means that no chemical products have been used in its cultivation and production process, only natural ones

Age: +18 months

Size: 36 cm.

Packaging Size: 30 x 20 x 15 cm

This doll comes with a pacifier, headband, bib, and baby carrier.

Starting from a very young age in the imitation game enhances kids' imagination, empathy, and knowledge of their environment. Also, it is a natural way to eliminate gender roles in toys.