Paola Reina

Esther Doll 36 cm

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Type: Soft body

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Gorgeous Paola Reina dolls are designed with heart and made with love entirely handcrafted in Spain using the finest European materials. Playing with dolls is a wonderful thing, It promotes imagination, creativity, helps to recognise, to route and to express emotions through the dolls, to a beautiful place.

She look so natural that her face look as if she is real. Her hair look natural, is easy to comb and it shines. She have a slight vanilla aroma. She have a soft body with yellow flower in her black hair. She wears a white dress with black polka dots and a yellow skirt.

Type : Soft Body

Size  : 36cm

Age  : 3+

The origin of the Paola Reina dolls are from the decade of 1870s with compliance of quality European standard.