Paola Reina

Alberta Doll 36 cm

SKU: PR7028
Type: Soft body
Alberta is a soft-bodied doll with dark skin and brown eyes that close. Her outfit is a pink short sleeve t-shirt, a printed skirt and pink bloomers with white polka dots.

She looks so natural that her face looks as if she is real. She has a slight vanilla aroma.

Type: Vinyl and Soft Body

This doll measures size: 36cm

Recommended for Ages 3 and Up

Playing with dolls is a wonderful thing, It promotes imagination, and creativity, and helps to recognize, route and to express emotions through the dolls, to a beautiful place.

All dolls as well as their clothes and accessories, are 100% made in Spain, in Onil (Alicante), The origin of the company is from the decade of 1870s with compliance with quality European standards.