Nexus - Kids and Teens Smartwatch - Black

SKU: CAC-136-M01
by Cactus

Smartwatch and fitness tracker in one! Packed full of features for kids, teens, and adults too.

With 3 sport modes, heart-rate tracking, step counting, calorie counting, and more, the Nexus will have you smashing your fitness goals. Push notification alerts from your smartphone means you won't miss a beat.


  • Health functions - heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder
  • Fitness functions - step count, calculates distance, calories burned, 3 sports modes, number of sports steps, sports heart rate 
  • Notifications & alerts - alerts for calls, SMS and SNS, message storage, and sedentary alerts
  • Other functions - find my phone, 3 alarms, remote camera control, weather, stopwatch
  • Time and date
  • USB charging cord included
  • Multiple screen display options
  • Size - screen size 0.96, band size fits wrists 14.0 - 19.3 cm
  • Age guide - would fit kids ages 8+ years, teens, and beyond


  • Connects with Bluetooth to smartphones with Android 4.4 & above / iOS 8.0 & above
  • Adorhealth App
  • Strap material - TPU band with buckle
  • Case material - plastic
  • Packaging: Cactus box with manual 
  • Color: Black
  • Avg time between charges: 7-10 days
  • IP67 water resistant - not suitable for swimming
  • Battery capacity: 200 mAh

Can my child receive a text message from me with this smartwatch?

You cannot send a text to the watch itself, and it can only show SMS messages/alerts that are sent to the phone when it is in Bluetooth distance from the phone.

Can you set alarms on this kid's smartwatch to be just vibration alerts, no sound? And if so, how many alarms can you set?

You can set multiple alarms on CACTUS ACTIVITY TRACKERS, and they are all silent vibration alarms. To stop the vibration, one must tap on the vibrating device. The alarms work in the presence of the connected phone in Bluetooth distance. You can also choose to have the alarms every weekday, but not on weekends, etc.

Does the smartwatch tell time/date on its own without interaction from a phone? My child has no mobile phone

To activate the watch, it must be paired with the app on a smartphone through Bluetooth.  But when it is away from the phone, it will still tell time, count steps, distance, and heart rate. Very good for encouraging kids to be active and keep moving!

Can my child receive a call & speak to me with this smartwatch?

No calls can be made or received on the CACTUS TRACKER as it does not have a sim card.  It is an activity tracker (like a Fitbit).

Can I track the location of my child when they wear this smartwatch?

No, these children's watches are not tracking devices, and it does not have GPS. It is an activity tracker to encourage kids to move and be active, it counts steps, distance, etc. 

Will the smartwatch work if my child has no phone?

To activate the watch, it must be paired with an app downloaded onto a smartphone (it can be downloaded onto your phone). When the watch is away from the phone, it will still tell time, count steps, distance, heart rate, etc. Very good for encouraging kids to be active and keep moving! However, the functions such as caller alert, SMS alert, sedentary alert, multiple alarm reminders, etc (these are the notifications that appear on the watch as vibrations or notifications) will only appear when the watch is in Bluetooth distance from the smartphone (10 meters). You can opt not to switch on caller & text alerts (in the app).

How do I change the 24hr time to 12hr time in the activity tracker smartwatch?

Please change the time settings on your smartphone and the watch will follow the same presentation style. 

How I can switch on the SMS Alert function?

In the app, go to the device, go to SMS alert, turn it on, and confirm the setting done.

Click here to download the user manual