Multi-stage Sensory Gift Set

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SKU: HE0108
by Hape

This wonderful collection of toys grows with your little ones and helps their development every step of the way. Featuring rattles and chewy teething beads for babies, a stay put rattle for when they`re big enough for the table, and rolling crawler puppy and rattles for when they grow into toddlers!

Collection of rolling, rattling and teether toys.

Includes one fish rattle, one beads teether, one stay put rattle, one rolling rattle and one dog on wheels.

The fish rattle is great for training fine motor skills and grasping strength.

The beads teether helps develop hand muscle and helps early teeth come through.

Attach the stay put rattle to a high chair or table for meal time fun.

Roll the rolling rattle and the puppy with wheels around the floor and use them to help early crawling when your little one is a bit older

Dimension  24 × 24 × 7.8 cm\

Suitable age 0m

Perfect for encouraging hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and muscle development

Toys are easy for small hands to grip and manipulate

Soft colors stimulate visual acuity