MU Art Model

MU - G1 Starscream Metal Model Kit

SKU: YM-L078

This Transformers Metal Model Kit is made of quality stainless steel. Latest digital technology to colour with a great flashing appearance. Flexible inside space ready to be re-designed by any creative ideas from you. For example, put some LED lights behind Starcream's eyes to make your model more vivid.

Our models are all licensed by Hasbro, which means a really refined design and such detail from corner to corner. Start now and make it happens by your hand!

This magnificent Starscream contains over 7 magnetic joints. This is the main reason why we choose 430 stainless steel to design our Transformers metal model. The other thing is that 430 stainless steel will make it easy to be shaped, especially on these complicated Transformers models. The latest digital printing tech makes the pieces avoid rust and colour shedding.

Over 15 Estimated Hours
7 Pcs of real steel
408 Pcs Assembling
230*165*235mm Finished Dimension
210*270*47mm Package Size
190*250mm Sheet Size
Made by 430Stainless Steel

Difficulty Level ★★★★★★★