Maker 3+ MXL

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by Matador

Matador Explorer wood construction sets are unique worldwide in allowing children to develop and implement their imagination and ideas. with Matador children can learn to combine theory and practice throughout their development phase. f our children – for small master builders with a strong imagination!

The full load of building fun! With the Maker XL groups of children can playfully enter the world of technology. The set includes everything needed for creative building. Blocks in various shapes and sizes, connecting pins in different lengths, wheels, axles, building manuals and of course the tool sets to play together in a team.

MATADOR XL is ideal for families, groups of children, kindergarten, childcare facilities, etc. The large set is recommended for up to three children.

Playing with Matador will prepare you for life! Blocks drilled to precision, perfectly fitting linking pins, axles, and wheels – a variety of construction options that have fascinated young and old for generations.

Using the Matador hammer, not only simple models such as aeroplanes, cars, and figurines, but also more complicated and technically advanced and entire Matador landscapes can be built.

Content: 350 parts
Tools: 3x Hammer, Pliers, Wedge
Building Ideas: 3x > 75

Tools & Construction Manual:
Every Explorer construction set comes with its respective tools. Using the fitting hammer, children build great structures, operative models, and imaginative worlds. With innovative pliers made from organic wooden injection molding, the structures can easily be disassembled again.

The visually designed building manuals give the first spark of inspiration. Apart from exact step-by-step instructions they also indicate detailed information on the difficulty level, the number of parts needed, illustrated list of parts, and an approximate building time. The manual includes pictures of how to use the hammer and the pliers.

Pedagogically devised, the difficulty levels of the model increase in logical steps so that the skills are continuously developed. If children have not had any experience with tools, it makes sense for them to have some help during their first tries. After the first sense of achievement, our children turn into true Matador master builders!

Recommended Age 3+ years.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small parts.