Magnetic Set “ Magnets To Do Math”

SKU: #03022
by Svoora

Magnetic Set with Numbers & Images, appropriate for the first contact of the child with Arithmetic Science. Recognize the numbers & symbols and learn the basic numerical calculations of addition and subtraction, with the 20 double-sided magnetic flash cards. Through them, the child can recognize the written numbers, while familiarizing with the multitude that each number represents.

The erasable pen in combination with the erasable cards and the board, encourage children to learn the correct way of writing the numbers. It comes in a fancy package and offers a very creative way to practice observation and hand-eye coordination.

Includes: 10 Magnetic Erasable Cards to learn how to write the numbers 0-9, 20 Magnetic double-sided cards with images and the numbers 1-20, 40 Magnetic Numbers & Mathematical Symbols, 10 Magnetic double-sided cards with Addition and 10 with Subtraction Calculations.

Age 4+

Size 26 × 4 × 20 cm