WOW House Set

SKU: 705007
Magformers is an award-winning educational product designed for children’s brain development. It comes with rotating magnets and all pieces are compatible with one another.

Magformers products are loved by children, parents and teachers alike. Children are always learning various skills and concepts while they are having fun putting the pieces together! The magnetic pieces are made with high-quality BPA-free ABS plastic.

This 28-piece set includes standard Magformers pieces and easily attachable house accessory pieces. These house accessories fit inside Magformers pieces and are detachable, interchangeable and compatible with other Magformers sets.

It also contains double-sided learning cards, which facilitate the main principles of playing with MAGFORMERS® and inspire creative ideas for children of all ages. The cards range from learning about simple shapes and colours, and simple 2D puzzles for younger children to more complex 2D puzzles that parents and younger children can work on together.

Children can also learn about 2D to 3D modelling, with the fold-out ‘life-size’ cards, which allow the child to place the actual pieces on top of the 2D shape and then transform the 2D shapes into a 3D model by lifting the pieces put together on the flat lay. This involves laying the pieces flat on the card and using their magnetic power to transform them into 3D structures.

To aid the next level of learning, there are 20 model cards of houses that can be built. The idea is for the child to work out how to build the house by looking at the picture, rather than following ‘step-by-step instructions. This trains the child to think about the shapes and number of pieces required to make the house. Importantly, it also requires the child to develop rotational skills, by working out which shapes would be on the unseen side.

The Set Contains 2 Rectangles, 12 Squares, 6 Triangles, 4 Windows and 4 Brick walls.

Age: 3+