Mastermind Set

SKU: 710012

Magformers is an award-winning educational product designed for children’s brain development. It comes with rotating magnets and all pieces are compatible with one another.

Magformers products are loved by children, parents and teachers alike. Children are always learning various skills and concepts while they are having fun putting the pieces together! The magnetic pieces are made with high-quality BPA-free ABS plastic.

Magformers Mastermind Set comes with magnetic pieces, including basic and curved shapes, as well as basic accessories (wheels, propeller, antenna, carnival and house). These accessories fit inside regular Magformers pieces and are detachable, interchangeable and compatible with other Magformers sets.

This set contains 115 pieces and a guidebook.

With additional shapes and accessories, your creations are limited only by your imagination!

Set Contains: 20 Triangles, 4 Isosceles Triangles, 30 Squares, 4 Rectangles, 1 Super Rectangle, 4 Diamonds, 4 Trapezoids, 2 Pentagons, 2 Hexagons, 4 Oval Sectors, 4 Sectors, 2 Arches, 2 Oval Arches, 2 Boy Squares, 2 Set of Wheels, 2 Balconies, 6 Bricks, 2 Window-Double, 2 Window Grid, 2 Window Single, 2 Y-shaped Supporters, 1 Carnival Base, 2 Hexagon Supporters, 1 Axis, 2 New Rotating Blocks, 2 Fixing Wheels, 1 Propeller, 1 Satellite Dish and 2 Trees

Age: 3+