Carnival Plus Set

SKU: 703016
Magformers is an award-winning educational product designed for children’s brain development. It comes with rotating magnets and all pieces are compatible with one another.

Magformers products are loved by children, parents and teachers alike. Children are always learning various skills and concepts while they are having fun putting the pieces together! The magnetic pieces are made with high-quality BPA-free ABS plastic.

The 48-piece Carnival Plus set contains carnival ride accessories and figures. There’s a sturdy crosshatch base to which the characters can be attached, and clip-on ride leg supports can also be added which make building fairground rides super fun and easy.

Hexagon clip-on panels spin vertically and horizontally and there are two cute detachable characters with interchangeable helmets.

An instruction booklet and guide show how to make 13 different carnival rides.

Set Contains 12 Triangles, 22 Squares, 2 Hexagon, 1 Bear Hat, 2 Chair Squares, 2 Figures, 1 Frog Hat, 1 Axis, 1 Base Plate, 2 Hexagon Supporter, and 2 Y-shape supporter.

Age: 3+