Baby Miya cries and says mama and papa Soft Body Doll 44 cm

SKU: L84454
by Llorens
The Llorens Baby Doll is like a real baby and is a special toy for every child. The doll is simply stunning, just like you. Dress her up and she'll be delighted to wear the latest trends. You'll surely adore her. you can change her clothes as you play with her.

Dolls are completely designed and made in Spain with thoughtfulness, and care, and used quality traditional and modern materials. with an incredible finish, and exceptional attention to detail to give each doll personality.

The doll comes to you in a beautiful Llorens box.

When you press their small body, they cry. But when you cuddle them, they call out for mummy and daddy

Includes dummy
Fabric Body & Vinyl Limbs
Clothing made using Lana Wool.
Size: 44cm
Age: 3+

Llorens has been creating dolls designed for play and child development since 1995. Their products are 100% manufactured in Spain and the company takes care of every detail during the production process.