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Slice the Fruit Puzzle

SKU: KC5200C

This educational puzzle increases your childs awareness of basic mathematical concepts. Puzzles are a great opportunity to grow your childs gross and fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, problem solving, shape and colour recognition. Puzzle features a wooden knife, strawberry, watermelon, orange and apple. Fruits are able to be cut in half with the provided knife and then velcro back together. This puzzle offers a fantastic opportunity to discuss healthy eating with the fruits. Puzzle can also be used during role play as mini chefs enhance their cooking skills while preparing meals.

Enhance your play and learning with these simple ideas

Discuss the fruit pieces and the concept of a half and full
What are the fruits called and describe how they taste?
What are the colours?
Halve the fruits and count the pieces e.g. 1, 1 , 2

Suitable for ages Slice the Fruit Puzzle: 18 months+

Product Dimensions : 19cm L2.5cm H19cm W