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Australian Animal Puzzle

SKU: KC21001

An educational Australian animal-themed puzzle that develops your child's skills in stacking, sorting, counting and animal recognition. Puzzles are a great opportunity to grow your child's gross and fine motor skills, hand and eye coordination, problem-solving, shape and colour recognition.

The puzzle features 7 different animals;

Kookaburra, Kangaroo, Echidna, Platypus, Emu, Koala, Wombat.
Enhance your play and learning with these simple ideas

Discuss the animals used in the puzzle? Colours?
What are the Australian animals in the puzzle?  Look at similarities between the animals and the differences. What do they eat?
How many animals are there?
Stack the animals and see how high you can stack them. 
Open-ended and creative play. Children will enjoy making the kangaroo jump, the kookaburra fly and the koala climb trees.
$2 from the sale of every KC21001 Australian Animal Puzzle will be donated to Australian Wildlife Rehabilitation charities at the end of each year.

Suitable for ages: 18 months+

Product size : 29.5cm L2.0cm H21cm W