Kewpie Dolls 5cm

by Obitsu

Kewpie Dolls are exclusively designed and manufactured in Japan. Kewpie has blue eyes with pretty lashes, dimple, kiss curl hair and a little pair of wings. It has movable head ,arms and legs. Kewpie Dolls are made from Soft Vinyl. Non toxic and safety tested. Its a unique baby doll for little ones and for doll collectors.

Kewpie Dolls are comic strip characters sketched by the cartoonist Rose O'Neil in 1909. The cartoon characters were  appearing as baby Cupid characters. The word Kewpie was derived from Cupid. Kewpie Dolls became exceedingly popular in the early 20th century.

Age: 3+

Size: 5 cm

Caution - Small Parts Choking Hazard.