Books and Colours (Orange & Red)

by Kapla

Ideal for starting or enhancing a collection of KAPLA®, these beautiful boxed sets contain 40 KAPLA planks in two colours, as well as an art book with original construction models specially adapted to suit the colours in the box.

From simple constructions to graphic and abstract designs, all builders will find in their Book and Colours set something to enjoy, improve with, and captivate the imagination!

KAPLA art books reveal a range of unique KAPLA creations of varied complexity to suit all talents. Alone or with the KAPLA planks, use the books for inspiration, discover new techniques, or choose a model to copy.

KAPLA planks are all the same size. simply stack the identical KAPLA planks, without any glue or clips, to build your imagination: a universal concept that adapts to all ages. The coloured planks are dyed using food-safe colouring.

Players are encouraged to explore and challenge their own limits, while also developing their creativity, ingenuity, logic, and perseverance. Balance is the only rule, imagination is the only limit.

A KAPLA construction is by its nature short-lived, and breaking it apart is often as fun as building it! The same planks can be re-used to build other imaginative structures and worlds … An open-ended game for hours of creativity!

KAPLA brings together all ages and generations.

Suitable for ages 2+, to play solo or in groups

Planks: 40 Pieces

Colour: Red and Orange

Size: H 24 x W 24 x D 6 cm

KAPLA fabrication process includes a series of strict checks and standards, as well as a final manual sorting, to provide you with quality planks that will last for years.