Headband Hoop Game - Basket Case

SKU: PT7280
Type: Novelty
by Funtime

Heads up for some goofy fun that's simple to play by anyone. Pop the basket on your bonce, fasten the headband and you're ready to go. Amuse yourself by lobbing the balls into the net atop your noggin or hand the balls to friends, colleagues (students even) and stand dead still while they use you for target practice.

Great fun at home, in the office or at school. You can choose to play on your own and
lob the red and white balls into the net on top of your head. Make the challenge more
difficult by closing your eyes or walking while you throw.

Alternatively you could hand the balls to friends, colleagues or even your students
(imagine that teachers) and be the target of their launches from a variety of distances.
Vertical stabilisers slip in to headband and attach to the rim that holds the net in two places
Adjustable headband with velcro fixing

Attach the basket to your head and see how many balls you can catch.

Attach the basket to your head
See how many balls you can catch
Includes 20 plastic balls.
One size fits all
Age: 5+