Doll Family Mansion

SKU: HE3405
Type: Doll Houses
by Hape

Most children dream of a doll house of their own, and this wonderful Doll Family Mansion, complete with moveable lamps and doorbell, is as realistic as it gets. Make your doll family feel at home by rearranging their furniture and acting out their daily routines.

– Realistic, sturdy and expertly-designed doll house.
– Easy-to-carry and move around.
– Includes a master bedroom, a children’s room, a living room, a bathroom, two balconies (including awning), a dining room, a kitchen, a hallway, and garage which doubles up as a multi-function room.
– Includes garden area with swimming pool.
– Suitable for group play.
– Realistic doors and windows that can be opened and closed and three moveable lamps.
– Doorbell complete with realistic “ding” sound!
– Includes family of four dolls: father, mother, son and daughter.
– Water-hose for car washing and flower watering.

As the world’s largest producer of wooden toys, Hape is clearly dependent on the use of natural materials. A full line of bamboo toys takes advantage of the special properties of this highly renewable material. Plastic parts are ensured durable enough to last for generations in order to encourage toys to be passed down rather than tossed out. Hape has strategically considered surface treatment, energy consumption, and packaging options to minimize environmental impact and maximize efficiency.

Size : 13.5 × 83.5 × 75 cm
Age : 3 years+