Mates Rainbow, 12 pieces

SKU: 18.183
by Grapat

The Grapat set of 12 rainbows coloured wooden mates is a beautiful open-ended toy and a tactile tool with which to discover experience and explore the world, through non-specific play.

Fill and empty, move, store, collect, sort and stack. Simple exploratory games that help to develop, hand-eye coordination, imagination, math skills and so much more.

These beautifully crafted little containers are the perfect Loose Parts, which can then be colour sorted, counted or used in imaginary and home corner play. Combines perfectly with Grapat 12 Nin’s

For children, over 3 years these mates can be used in conjunction with a number of other small Grapat loose parts, for example, natural cones, natural spheres and Baby Nins.

Grapat Toys originated in the beautiful region of Catalonia in northern Spain. Made with the greatest love, care and attention to detail, Grapat toys are known for their loose parts which encourage children to play and discover freely using their own imagination.

Inspired by Waldorf principles, Grapat toys reflect the beauty of the earth and are made from locally-sourced sustainable timbers and finished with water-based dyes. Grapat use all recycled and sustainable materials in their packaging.

Age Group: 10+ Months