Discovering STEM - Botanic Laboratory

Type: STEM
by Engino

Build this amazing, fully functional greenhouse model and see your seeds fertilize and grow! Interested to become a young agriculturist?

Control the conditions inside your greenhouse and monitor how your plants are affected by temperature, moisture and light levels. Take care of your plants and provide them with proper ventilation through your greenhouse movable parts.

Learn about photosynthesis and the life cycle of beans. Build an ox-driven plough. Learn about the history of agriculture and how people used draft animals (e.g. oxen or bulls) to cultivate the soil. Recreate a scene of a common farming technique from the past by constructing this exciting model of an ox-driven plough.

What is the history of agriculture? How was the ox-driven plough used? Build a gearbox.

Build this simple model of a gearbox and experiment with different gear set-ups. Learn how to calculate the gear ratio even when more complex set-ups are assembled. The windows of your greenhouse open and close using gears. What is a gearbox? How to calculate the gear ratio?

Number of parts included in pack: 251

For ages: 8-12