20 Classic Board Game

SKU: DJ5219
Type: Board Games
by Djeco
A fantastic collection of classic games, including Ludo, Goose, Snakes and Ladders, Nine Men's Morris, Draughts (or checkers), Chess, and a number of dice and card games. This pack of games has it all and makes a wonderful gift. Packaged in a lovely box. 

Contents: 3 double-sided boards (ludo/game of goose, chess/snakes, and ladders, draughts/nine men’s morris), 16 wooden pawns, 40 draught pieces, 32 chess pieces, 5 dice, 1 scorebook and 1 pack of 54 cards. Game rules in 10 languages.

Sure to keep the kids entertained during rainy weather and indoor play, complete with adorable illustrations and a gorgeous carry box.

 Suitable for ages: 6+ years

The product is constructed from Cardboard / Paper / Wood

Package Dimensions

29.9cm L30cm H4.9cm W1.5kg