Make It Real

Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker

SKU: MR2561

Create custom nail polish colours that express who you are. The Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker Deluxe Edition allows young designers to mix over 200 nail polish colours in glossy or shimmer finishes.

Download the free Color Fusion by Make It Real app (available on Android and iOSto colour-match your favourite clothing, accessories, or anything you can snap in a photo! Use the included colour picker, choose colours from the included recipe book or use the dials and watch the light to make your own mix. Follow the match, make, and mix steps to create enough polish for 5 manicures or pedicures per bottle.

Match: To make a custom colour, use the free app to snap an inspirational colour, use a formula from the recipe book, or try your own mix. The tear-drop gem will light up indicating the final colour once kids turn the dials.

Make: Insert the base pod and set the colour formula. The teardrop gem light changes colour as the pigment dials are turned. The droplet shows what the final colour will be. The colour isn’t dispensed until the dials are plunged down. It adds a magical touch as kids mix the formula. The colours then dispense into the base capsule.

Mix: Remove the capsule, insert it into the bottle and twist on the brush cap. Shake it up! It’s now ready for use.

Designed for ages 8 and up, the Color Fusion Nail Polish Maker Deluxe Light Match Edition can yield over 200 custom colours and contains enough polish for up to 120 manicures or pedicures. This set is safe for kids and uses an unscented, water-based nail polish formula. It comes complete with styling tools and nails art inspiration.

Kit includes:
- 1 Color fusion nail polish maker unit
- 3 Color tubes: cyan, magenta, and yellow (3.5ml each)
- 12 White glossy water-based capsules (1ml each)
- 12 White shimmer water-based capsules (1ml each)
- 1 Nail file
- 1 Small tip tool
- 1 Large tip tool
- 1 Blending tool
- 1 Cuticle pusher
- 1 Black cup
- 4 Capsule holders with brush
- 1 Instruction sheet with 60 colour recipes

Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

Full-color recipe book