Scalloped Hammer Head Shark

SKU: CO88045

Collecta creates the natural world in miniature. All the miniature animal figurines are individually handcrafted and hand-painted to the highest standards and made with only the finest and safest materials.

Fun Facts: The Scalloped Hammer Head Shark is recognized for its distinct, hammer-shaped head and scalloped indentations along its back. It is a fast-swimming predator with an impressive navigational range, employing electroreception and magnetoception to detect prey. Its unique body shape makes it ideally suited for long-distance swimming, providing it with a specialized advantage.

Size : L 15.5  x H 5.5 cm

Age: 3+

This figurine helps little ones to stimulate creativity, through sensory play and imagination and encourages curiosity about the natural world.

The play models are solid, safe in the water, and dishwasher safe, ensuring they are hygienically safe.