Wild Republic

Box of Mini Shark Figurines

SKU: 12757

Miniature animals ready for big adventures!

Dive to the depths of the ocean with this Wild Republic shark figurine nature tube. With all your favorite shark species, this Wild Republic nature tube is the perfect toy for shark lovers of all ages. Pretend the great white is searching for food and the hammerhead shark is swimming along the ocean floor. Either way, this nature tube is ready for an underwater adventure.

Nature Tube animals can be used for various types of play including sensory, school projects, craft, and imaginative play, and can be stored in the reusable packaging.

Phthalate and lead-free

Suitable for ages 3+

 2” / 5cm Figurines

Contains: Great White Shark, Bull Shark, Japanese Saw Shark, Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Lemon Shark, Tiger Shark, Zebra Shark, Whale Shark, Leopard Shark, Black Tipped Shark, Reef Shark, Horn Shark