Magic Water Painting 4 Seasons

SKU: CH211774
by Avenir

Take the fabulous 4 Seasons no-mess water painting activities anywhere with this Magic Water Painting book. Each book includes 6 reusable coloring surfaces and two repositionable sticker sheets of themed activities and a refillable water pen.

Fill the water pen with regular tap water, then draw to reveal the color on the pages - it’ll disappear when the water dries, and then you can start again, just like magic!

To double the fun, we’ve added lots of activities to further inspire kids’ learning, exploration, and imagination!

  • Painting with water means NO MESS
  • 6 reusable boards
  • Easy take-anywhere design
  • Fabulous illustrations and styling
  • Play with repositionable stickers and learn
  • Maze game
  • Seek and Find

Ages: 3+

Size: 22 x 23 x 2.5cm

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