Play Pouch Australia

Aqua Pouch Mini - Geo

The Ultimate water-proof mini mat
& a carry-all bag for your child

The Aqua Pouch Mini is perfect for your child to bring to the beach, pool, or park and is fabulous for vacations. 


  • Waterproof with a zip pocket and shoulder strap!
  • A zip pocket is great for hard-to-find treasures and valuables.
  • 70cm/27" diameter when open, plus edge strip.
  • recommended for age 3+
  • Perfect for beach toys, snacks, towels, goggles, clothes, and hats! 

How to Use:

Spread the Aqua Pouch Mini out to grab what you need, stand, and change on. If the ground is wet, you will stay dry!  To pack away the wet clothes simply pull on the toggles. The interior of your car and home will stay dry if you have packed wet items in the Aqua Pouch Mini.