Antonio Juan

Caramelo Soft Body Doll 36cm

SKU: AJ83003
Type: Dolls
My first Antonio Juan Caramelo, is the perfect friend for boys and girls from 18 months, for the soft body, lightweight and sweet face. With this doll, the smallest of the house can start playing and let their imagination run wild.

It is a doll in green tones, sweet and easy to handle. With the entire body in fabric, the hands and the head in soft vinyl, prepared for the smallest of the house.

Starting from a very young age in the imitation game enhances kids imagination, empathy and knowledge of their environment. Also, it is a natural way to eliminate gender roles in toys.

This doll comes with a pacifier, beanie and bib.

Materials: Polyester / Vinyl. Soft body.

Age: +18 months

Size: 36 cm.

Packaging Size: 30 x 20 x 15 cm

Antonio Juan is a specialist in the art of toys. Their dolls are a mixture of tradition and modernity.

Dolls that little ones and not so little ones love, for their quality and design.