Paola Reina

Alma Doll 60 cm

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Type: Vinyl Body

Paola Reina Alma is a 60 cm vinyl Queen doll equipped with articulated joints. Her bright yellow and green dress evokes a summery atmosphere.

The doll's limbs are jointed, providing a range of poseable positions. Her facial features mimic a lifelike realism, while her hair is soft, easy to groom, and glossy. Additionally, she emits a light vanilla scent.

Type: vinyl body and Articulated Joints

This doll measures size: 60cm

Recommended for Ages 3 and Up

Playing with dolls is a wonderful thing, It promotes imagination, and creativity, and helps to recognize, route and to express emotions through the dolls, to a beautiful place.

Gorgeous Paola Reina dolls are designed with heart and made with love entirely handcrafted in Spain using the finest materials. The origin of Paola Reina dolls is from the decade of 1870s with compliance with quality European standards.