Wind Up Tin Toy Road Roller Limited Edition - Klement

SKU: 0617
by Kovap

If you're looking for a traditional and unique toy then look no further! These amazing  handmade wind up replica's of the classic old steam driven road rollers that were used back in the late 1920's, are a wonderful gift idea for young and old.

This road roller is a unique limited edition issued as a collector's model for the 70th anniversary of the production of this toy.

The roller has been fitted with some new parts and a completely new design in retro style.

The movement of this model operates by a clockwork mechanism which is wound up with a key. This special mechanism allows the roller switch between going forward and backwards.

The road roller is a toy that will grab the hearts of many dads and grandfathers and is sure to bring a smile to their face.

  • Fun and unique toy
  • Loved by young and old
  • A very special keepsake to cherish and pass on

Measurements: L: 20cm W: 11cm H: 13cm          

Age guide: 3 years +

Age Guide & Safety: 3 years+. We always advise that toys be checked for damage or loose parts prior to play and recommend adult supervision and assistance during playtime. Not suitable for children 3 years and over who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth. Not designed for rough play.