Uncle Goose

Classic Lowercase ABC Blocks

Uncle Goose toys are the building blocks of creativity. In a child’s hands, Uncle Goose blocks can become anything. Use them to inspire your imagination. Further, Uncle Goose blocks are made by hand. Talented craftsmen and women have personally touched and labored over each block in your set. You can probably feel the love and care that went into making each block.

All of our blocks are too big to be a choking hazard. The wood we use is natural and uncoated.

The ideal complement to our 28 Classic ABC blocks. Four full lowercase alphabets, with two embossed letters on opposing sides. Add numbers, math symbols, and a small petting zoo of handcrafted baby animals.

Age: 2+

Each cube Size: 4.4 cm

Non-toxic, mouth-safe inks

Uncle Goose toys are hand-manufactured in the USA.