Pic Tac Toe Game

SKU: SV23145
by Svoora

The classic game of Tic Tac Toe goes to another dimension. In fact, it goes to the epic number of 3 dimensions! You can play in one layer, like you used to or take it to another level and expand the challenge to 3 layers! Place 3 in a row, horizontally, vertically & diagonally all around the grid! It includes: 1 wooden base, 13 red ‘O’ & 13 blue ‘X’ pawns, 2 acrylic boards, 4 wooden rods.

A fun way to develop concentration, strategy, spatial skills and problem solving! Made of plywood, beech wood, & teatree with non-sharp edges and non-toxic coatings to ensure childrens’ safety.

*The Instruction Booklet includes the Game Rules in 10 languages (Dutch, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, German, Polish, Romanian, Spanish).

Age: 6+

Material: beech wood, plywood

Size: 18 × 18 × 18 cm