Knox And Floyd

Retro Egg and Spoon Game

Type: Board Games

This wonderful game is based on an original product from the late 1800s. Treasure it as it is quite collectable. Includes four cups, four eggs and four spoons. Be the first to place your egg carefully in your egg cup using a giant egg spoon. The egg and spoon race can be played as a family race game, or around the table.

If the egg and spoon are played around the table, eggs must be placed on the table and not be touched by your hand. The egg must be carefully placed into the egg cup without dropping it.

The first to place their egg into their egg cup is the winner. The egg and spoon race can be played with four players or as a relay race with more players, should your social gathering include more people.

Designed in Great Britain.

Age : 3+

Packaging Size : 29 x 12 x 4.5 cm