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Hand carry Uppercase ABC Trace Puzzle

SKU: KC21005

A useful magnetic puzzle for helping children to become familiar with the alphabet, and with the role of letters in the formation of words. A tracing stick is provided to help build the fine motor skills, practice pen holding, and the correct way to write each letter.

A great preschool puzzle to prepare a little one on the movements of writing and build their muscles ready for writing for extended periods of time. Its use is enhanced if the companion puzzle of lowercase letters is also available (KC21006). The letters magnetise to the board making it easy to carry along and store.

Ideas for enhancing play and learning:

Ask the child to select the letter that his/her name starts with. Repeat this with other family members and pets.
While placing letters in their correct position on the board, it could be useful for the child to learn the sound of the letter and to have him/her think of other words that begin with this same sound.
First simple naming words can be formed with the accompanying use of the Lowercase Puzzle. Children can begin to recognise the difference between upper and lowercase letters.
Trace and practice the movement of writing letters.

Suitable for ages: 18 months+

Product size : 29.5cm L1.5cm H29.5cm W